Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mommy & Daddy Time

Today was kind of a yucky day, but a weekend day none the less. So, Doug and Wyatt had thought about going to the game but then as the day went on the enthusiasm was waining and they were beginning to back out. So I decided that maybe it might be a good mommy and daddy date game. Daddy jumped on board with that and so we gathered everyone and thing and headed out the door to drop off the boys and then down to the game.
It ended up to be a pretty good time. We ended up getting box seat tickets nearly on the 50 yard line 19 rows up for face value. Though it was a nothing game for UT it was a good time to be together and we actually saw UT win (which lately has been somewhat of a rare occurrence).

Location:Old Edgemoor Ln,Clinton,United States

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rory Turns 1!

So a couple of days ago Rory turned one. CRAZY!!!!!! Can't believe this year is already over :( Well on the brighter side we decided to have a small little party affair with the family. Wyatt was my little "big" helper in making the cupcakes and party hats and shirt. (Sadly Rory wasn't feeling well that night and he never made it into his shirt but it was still cute nonetheless). Here's some pics.

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Playing Outside

We've been outside alot these past few weeks and here's a few photos of what we've been doing out there.

(yes of course he's already in love with the little balance bike, even if he still needs help!)

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I Can Use My Fork!

In short Rory figured the whole fork thing out. He loves poking his food by himself.

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Puppy Love

Couple of weeks ago Rory was hungry for an afternoon snack but I was really trying to help Wyatt to something in the sand box so I gave Rory his bag of snack cheerios to 'helpy self'. (ussually I don't do this for the following reasons). However I didn't do alot more helping Wyatt because we both were amused with what Rory and Isabella began began to do with his snack.

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Rory found my tangle of elastic a couple of weeks ago and thought it looked like a fun toy. He then thought that crawling here and there and there and here with it also sounded fun until it finally reached it's maximum stretch. Then he was done and wanted help to get out.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Enjoying the Almost Summer Weather

Just some fun pictures of us enjoying our time outside the other day. Wyatt was lounging on an exercise ball while Rory was trying to figure out a way to ride Wyatt's bike.

Then he decided to eat dirt. Surprise surprise.

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